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12th April 2017

New Appointments/Movements at Hallam

We have welcomed a number of new staff members during the last few months as we look to enhance our operational coverage within our regional teams.

In Glasgow, Clara Thompson joined us in September 2016 in the role of Development Planner; Clara has had previous experience with the Strategic Development and Delivery team at Aberdeenshire Council and studied at the University of Dundee for her Geography degree and MSc. Kathleen Dall also joined us at the Glasgow office as an Administrator to cover for Lisa Lees who is on maternity leave. Congratulations to Lisa and her husband on the birth of their daughter.

Anthony Greaves has now moved full-time to the North Midlands region from the North East region, and will continue his role as Area Manager based at Banner Cross Hall in Sheffield.

In Manchester, Samuel Payne has been appointed as a Development Planner, to join our Regional Manager, Katie Dean and Amanda Thompson. Samuel has worked previously for NPL Estates and Prospect Homes prior to joining Hallam.

Jonathan Collins was promoted to Regional Manager in January 2017 has been with the company for over 10 years now, he started working in the North East region but has been with the North Midlands team for the last four years.

The South Midlands region based in Northampton saw the appointment of Daniel Sampson as a Development Planner in January this year. Also at this time Tom Thornewill was promoted to Area Manager and along with Peter Glazebrook, Director, Sally Miller, Fraser Campbell and Sue Marracco, the Northampton team are ready to maximise opportunities in the South Midlands.

In London we saw the appointment of Charlie Reynolds as a Development Planner in August 2016 to complement our team based in the South East. Charlie studied at the University of Brighton for his BSc Geography degree and also an MSc in Town Planning. He has also worked previously for Strutt & Parker in Lewes.

As we moved forward in 2017 we look to the future with a team of talented and loyal staff.



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