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Hallam Land Management


Promoting the use of land for housing has been Hallam's largest area of work and we have obtained many planning permissions for residential development in all our operating areas.

Developments have to be promoted within the framework of the English, Scottish and Welsh planning systems and our in-house team of town planners and surveyors keeps abreast of all the changes and their impact when promoting sites.

Since the company was formed, the planning system has been in a state of constant flux as each incoming government has sought to reform and improve the process. The 2017 Housing White Paper contains the latest suite of proposals which we sense begin to make a move away from incremental village development towards more comprehensive urban extensions. Whatever system of planning is in place, technical appraisals of sites and detailed negotiations are always required. These, together with the Government’s intention to transfer some of the enhanced value of land with planning permission for the direct benefit of the community through Affordable Housing conditions, S106 (S75 in Scotland) Agreements and the Community Infrastructure Levy, are very complex matters that need to be resolved. Today, all of these issues impact on scheme viability and the Hallam team is well versed in viability assessments.

Recently we have seen the rise of the Neighbourhood Plan, requiring a different skill set to win allocation. However, working with communities has long since been a Hallam strengh and we have successfully secured Neighbourhood Plan residential allocations.

Understanding and being able to negotiate all of these difficult hurdles is one of our main strengths and has led to many successful planning permissions being granted.

The Henry Boot Way

Hallam Land Management is a part of the Henry Boot Group of Companies.

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