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Hallam Land Management

How it Works

Hallam places a strong emphasis on working with our landowners to achieve the optimum result for them.  The relationship with landowners is built from an early stage, as Hallam has a way of promoting sites which sees our team involved from start to finish, giving them ownership of a project and thus ensuring consistency, which can enhance value and achieve quicker results.

Going through the site search-promotion-sales process; we seek to identify opportunities ourselves by undertaking detailed assessments of areas and settlements to identify short and longer-term opportunities. Our team are involved in the initial land and contract negotiations which then leads into the planning promotion, and subsequently the sale process once permission is achieved. Having this ‘start-to-finish’ engagement enables us to see the whole development picture, and work with our landowners throughout.

Hallam has had great success in bringing forward short-term sites but our longer-term strategic planning skills have been honed over 25 years, and thus even if land has longer-term potential we provide a strong and sustained promotion to achieve results as early as is possible.  As well as timing, our key skill relates to achieving a valuable and deliverable scheme. Winning planning permissions is only part of the objective; as ensuring that a scheme is deliverable and appealing to potential purchasers is imperative. Our experience, combined with our depth of understanding from our numerous Joint Ventures we have with Henry Boot PLC and smaller housebuilders, means that we can tailor a scheme to ensure we have a product suitable for that market.

We look to continually replenish our portfolio with acquisitions of land with development potential for residential, commercial or mixed use. We consider outright purchase, purchase and uplift, land already under option, option and promotion agreements anywhere in main land UK.

The Henry Boot Way

Hallam Land Management is a part of the Henry Boot Group of Companies.

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