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Hallam Land Management


Bilston, Midlothian

Our land at Bilston extends to 127 acres in total, 48 acres of which is owned jointly with Taylor Wimpey Homes with the balance of 79 acres held under option. Following a number of years of planning promotion, a significant proportion of the land has been identified in the Midlothian Local Development Plan for up to 550 houses. Part of the owned area has recently been granted full planning consent for 191 houses subject to the signing of a S75 legal agreement, 50% of which are controlled by Hallam Land and we are currently in the process of disposing of our share to Taylor Wimpey Homes.

Work will start on site late in 2018 with the site delivering approximately 48 units towards the local affordable housing need in addition to financial contributions towards the local Primary School and road improvements, namely the realignment of the nearby A701 which is a crucial piece of infrastructure aimed at alleviating localised traffic congestion along the A701 / A703 corridor.  The balance of the site, accommodating a further 360 houses, will come forward in phases with a further planning application likely to be prepared and submitted at some point in 2019.

Burdiehouse, City of Edinburgh

The land at Burdiehouse, on the edge of Edinburgh, was first contracted by Hallam Land Management under option in 2006 and extends in total to approximately 75 acres. Following a period of sustained promotion through the City of Edinburgh Local Plan review process the land was partially granted Planning in Principle, following an Appeal, for approximately 100 houses in February 2012. This Minded to Grant decision was subject to the signing of a S75 agreement in relation to the provision of affordable housing, education and transport contributions.

The land was subsequently purchased in full by Hallam Land in Autumn 2012 whilst negotiations on the S75 were still ongoing with a Phase 1 sale to Barratt Homes concluding in late 2012. As part of this consent and sale process Hallam Land implemented a significant landscape and planting belt that would later form the southern boundary of Phases 1 and 2. Barratt Homes were subsequently granted full consent for 122 houses in June 2013 and Phase 1 has since been completed and sold out as of March 2017.

In the meantime, a further Phase 2 sale for 211 houses and flats was concluded in August 2015, the construction of which is ongoing, bringing the total number of dwellings in Phases 1 and 2 to 333 houses and flats.

After a long Examination process the City of Edinburgh Local Development Plan was adopted in November 2016 with a further 20 acres or thereby of land owned by Hallam Land at Burdiehouse being released from the Green Belt, one of only three sites released from the Green Belt across the City.

We have since lodged a further Planning in Principle application for the development of approximately 130 houses and flats an anticipate a further sale of this Phase in 2019.

The Henry Boot Way

Hallam Land Management is a part of the Henry Boot Group of Companies.

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Fraudulent Activity

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The Modern Slavery Act 2015 - Group Statement: View here


“Henry Boot PLC and its Group Companies has, following the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) implemented a number of measures which seek to bring about greater transparency and scrutiny into our various supply chains, in order to combat slavery and trafficking activities. Further to this, over the past year we have been reviewing the measures put in place and seeking to identify additional actions to strengthen our due diligence and transparency. The aim of the Act is in line with our own ‘Henry Boot Way’ Vision and Values, as updated in 2017, which include ‘Respect’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Collaboration’, all of which are relevant to our approach in this regard.

We continue to keep under regular review our Human Trafficking and Slavery Statement (the ‘Statement’), setting out the activities undertaken to reduce the risk of slavery and trafficking activities being present within our business operations. These measures include the introduction of an Anti-Slavery Policy, due diligence requirements, and mandatory contract clauses seeking compliance by our supply chain with appropriate anti-slavery measures. Additional measures that have recently been put into place to increase knowledge and vigilance throughout our organisation and supply chain include posters and awareness cards across our sites.

We will continue to regularly work with our partners, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders, as well as keeping industry best practice under review, to monitor our approach for effectiveness, and consider any changes or additional measures as appropriate.”

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