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Hallam Land Management

South West


At Tuffley, Gloucester, Hallam Land Management submitted a planning application for 250 dwellings in February 2016 having had the Option on land since the early 2000’s. The land was promoted through the South West Regional Spatial Strategy as a large urban extension but fell away as an emerging allocation after the abolition of the RSSs. Hallam Land then changed our planning strategy to promote a smaller scheme of 250, and whilst the site was not allocated in the Development Plan, we identified a deficit in the Local Authority’s five-year land supply and secured a resolution to permit at Committee. We signed the S106 and sold the site in 2018 to a National House builder.


Outside of the Local Plan Process, Planning Permission was granted in 2010 for 2,000 homes and a Regional Distribution Centre. Hallam Land Management has now delivered a Regional Distribution Centre for Morrisons Supermarkets creating 1,650 Morrisons jobs, coupled with 2000 dwellings (circa 600 of which have to date been built by BDW, TW & Persimmon, with sales in hand on future phases). The project required assembling 6 landowners and the provision of a road bridge over the Bristol/Penzance rail line (including negotiations for easements with Network Rail). The Bridge (constructed by Balfour Beatty and paid for and managed by Hallam Land) opened in May 2013. Before the planning consent could be secured in 2010, land sale contracts with Morrisons and Barratts had to be secured coupled with securing £11.4 million Kickstart deal funding, negotiated with the Homes and Communities Agency.

The Henry Boot Way

Hallam Land Management is a part of the Henry Boot Group of Companies.

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Fraudulent Activity

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The Modern Slavery Act 2015 - Group Statement: View here


“Henry Boot PLC and its Group Companies has, following the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (the “Act”) implemented a number of measures which seek to bring about greater transparency and scrutiny into our various supply chains, in order to combat slavery and trafficking activities. Further to this, over the past year we have been reviewing the measures put in place and seeking to identify additional actions to strengthen our due diligence and transparency. The aim of the Act is in line with our own ‘Henry Boot Way’ Vision and Values, as updated in 2017, which include ‘Respect’, ‘Integrity’ and ‘Collaboration’, all of which are relevant to our approach in this regard.

We continue to keep under regular review our Human Trafficking and Slavery Statement (the ‘Statement’), setting out the activities undertaken to reduce the risk of slavery and trafficking activities being present within our business operations. These measures include the introduction of an Anti-Slavery Policy, due diligence requirements, and mandatory contract clauses seeking compliance by our supply chain with appropriate anti-slavery measures. Additional measures that have recently been put into place to increase knowledge and vigilance throughout our organisation and supply chain include posters and awareness cards across our sites.

We will continue to regularly work with our partners, contractors, suppliers and other stakeholders, as well as keeping industry best practice under review, to monitor our approach for effectiveness, and consider any changes or additional measures as appropriate.”

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