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Hallam Land Management

Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011.

It is a right for communities to be able to shape development in their areas through the production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). An NDP becomes part of the Local Plan, as produced by the Local Authority, and the policies contained in the NDP are used in the determination of planning applications. Hallam have been involved in many NDPs, and we have a good understanding of the processes involved and how to work with communities and the Town and Parish Councils who produce the Plans.

Hallam have recently been involved in the neighbourhood planning process in Moulton, Northamptonshire. Land that we have an interest in was promoted to the Parish Council for residential development. Through extensive consultation it was determined that the site could assist in delivering some important infrastructure items and supported the aspirations of the village. The site was therefore included as an allocation within the NDP. Hallam worked closely with the Parish Council through the production, consultation, examination and referendum for the NDP. This successful relationship ensured that the plan is now adopted and our land is allocated for development. The allocation secures the delivery of 125 homes, a new car/bus park for the secondary school, open space, and two new football pitches for the local community and sports clubs.

At Buckingham where Hallam has a Promotion Agreement on land owned by New College Oxford, we worked closely with the Town Council from day 1 of their NDP preparation, and continued to support the NDP through the various stages of consultation. The NDP was ‘made’ in September 2015 and we secured an allocation for 450 dwellings (out of an overall requirement of 630), together with various community facilities including allotments; cemetery space; and parkland. We secured planning permission for the site in January 2017 and sold it to Barratt in July 2017.

The Henry Boot Way

Hallam Land Management is a part of the Henry Boot Group of Companies.

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